Born and raised in the South West I spent a bright, beautiful childhood by the beach. The only child to an incredible mum and dad those early years were easy and struggle free. My parents showed me God's extraordinary love everyday. I saw it in their marriage, the choices and sacrifices they made and the love they showed not just me but the people around them. 

It was this passion that taught me all I needed to know who God was. I made a commitment of faith at a young age but didn't quite grasp my salvation until later.

Busy going with the flow, I spent my teenage years seating on the fence, knowing God's requirements of me but enjoying walking the wide road of the world.

Then at sweet 16 there was Dan, inseparable from the beginning this 19 year old lad had my heart immediately. 

After 7 years together and 2 years of marriage little Maddi arrived. Although we planned for her we didn't plan for the whirlwind she brought with her. A diagnosis of Down Syndrome at the 12 week scan sent us in to 6 months of shock but the day she was born her beautiful face healed all and any wounds.

As a family we were happy but spiritually I was empty. It wasn't something I gave away but rather something that snuck away quietly without me noticing. Questioning everything I thought I knew I was left unsure, unable and unwilling to connect to God. 

But The King never stopped knocking on my door. There was no moment, no big bang of revelation but rather God's Grace continued to wash over me in small gentle waves, each one bringing love, peace and revelation. I began to grow again in strength and Faith until knowledge became passion. Until the cross stopped being a story and became freedom. I could tell you I found Jesus, but he knows he found me.

Through the coming months when we needed strength we didn't have we took his with us instead. When there should have been tears we found his peace in their place and two years later we completed our family with Noah.

And now and forever we stand as a family seeking him, loving him and following him because our knowledge of his extraordinary love for us means we know there is no other way to live this life.