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The contrasting story of Zachariah and Mary

Can any of us imagine being visited by an angel and receiving the same news that Zachariah and Mary received? Would there be doubt? Would we ask questions?

so why was Zachariah so harshly punished for questioning the angel and yet Mary did the same thing and didn't seem to meet the same consequences?

What happens when we ask God for help?

How often do you ask God for help? Often I hope! After all we are called and reminded to take everything to God and petition him for help. Not only that but he promises when we ask he will come. And He has given us the perfect gift to help us. The Holy Spirit.

But what does it mean to ask God for help? What does it look like? When we say that four letter word what do we expect to happen next?

No time for solitude

As I read Mark 1 : 37 I realised when I do stop, then like Jesus, its never long before people come looking. The phone, social media, children and commitments all start to creep in and knock on my door of solitude.