All in General

Trained by God

Maybe your right where you want to be or maybe your pondering the turns your life has taken. Maybe your in ministry work or feeling unfulfilled in a corporate company. Maybe your excited about your future or feeling disheartened by exam results but you are never out of God's reach

Keep it to yourself?

Why do Christian's share their faith with the people around them?

In these days of personal expression, multi cultural societies and extremism the new rule seems to be....

Believe what you wish, but keep it to yourself.

Please read this short poem that so perfectly explains why we talk about our beliefs.

New term resolution

Many of us start thinking about resolutions, how we want to shape the new year, the person we want to become and how we think we are going to get there.

I do the same during the summer holidays

At the beginning

Extraordinary Love,

A love that created us, saved us, restored us.

A love that will hold us,  protect us and lift us up

This blog is for him, for me, and hopefully for you to